Friday, 1 June 2012


This blog is created to share information on acne. I want this blog to be an information forum about acne and overall skin care.

I am 24 and have been battling acne from about the age of 13 until now. My skin is a whole lot better now but the acne battle is never over. I think we all know that for people with acne there is no miracle fix. There is no one product that we can use and within three months and our acne is gone forever. It is something we have to always pay attention to so as to keep our acne at bay. It is my belief that with the right products and the right daily practises we can very much keep our acne at bay.

Over the years I have had a lot of ups and downs with my acne and I am very happy to say I finally have my acne under control. With this blog I hope to share all the things I learnt over the years and all the tips and secrets that I know of to take care of our skin.

The thing about acne is that no one method will work for all and everyone may have to do things a bit differently to get the results they want.

I do hope that this blog can be a discussion room about acne and skin care. I do believe that if we can all share our knowledge about what works for us we can help someone else. I greatly appreciate your input and information.

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