Saturday, 7 July 2012

Best Cleanser And Moisturizer For Acne Skin

I'm doing this post because I have some really great information to share. This one is really big and I'm really glad I found it. As you guys may know by now, I'm one to always try new skin care products (especially products aimed at acne prone skin).

A few days ago I found this great skin cleanser and moisturizer from a company called EQUATE. It was their Daily Renewal Cleanser and their Oil-Free Ultra-Gentle  Facial Moisturizer.

equate Moisturiser and Cleanser

4th Of July came and I decided to take a trip to Walmart to do some shopping. In the the craze of everything I decided to grab some cotton pads from the pharmacy section to use with my toner. As I was going through the isles I came across some products that caught my attention. The thing that actually caught my attention on these products were some little yellow stickers. On these stickers the company was making some brave statements asking customers to compare their products to products from some of the biggest names in skin care.
Read Yellow Sticker
Read Yellow Sticker

I decided to give these products a try and I must say I was absolutely stunned. I want to keep this post as professional as possible, but it's really hard to keep myself from acting like a giddy school girl proclaiming how good these products are. What really sold me on these products was the instant results that I saw. When you use this product I assure you, you will love the results you see the very next day.

Lets start with the facial cleanser. It uses a "Beta Hydroxy Complex with Gentle Microbeads" and when they say gentle, they mean gentle. The exfoliating microbeads in this cleanser are so fine you barely feel them as you're cleansing your face. It's such a smooth and gentle experience, it's hard to believe that it's doing any exfoliating at all but trust me, it works amazingly well. Along with that the Daily Renewal Cleanser has some great ingredients that makes it so great for acne prone skin and all skin types in general. Ingredients like GLYCERIN and SALICYLIC ACID among others. This cleanser works amazingly well at exfoliating and cleansing your  pores while killing acne bacterias to prevent breakouts, and it does all of this without drying out the skin.

The moisturizer was another winner. As anyone would tell you, moisturizing is one of the most important steps in proper skin care. At the same time it can be very tricky. Some moisturizers can clog your pores and leave your skin feeling and looking oily which then leads to breakouts or more breakouts. Some moisturizers seem to work great when you apply them then within a few hours your skin is back to being dry and ashy. This is absolutely not the case with the equate Oil-Free Ultra-Gentle Facial Moisturizer. When you apply this product you face feels soft, smooth and fresh all day without clogging your pores and making your skin oily and this is something I can attest to.When applying, use a generous amount on your face and work it in gently. It may take a few minutes to do this but you will love the results.

If you are someone that's not fully satisfied with your current cleanser and moisturizer, I strongly recommend these products. What's more amazing is how inexpensive these products are. Where as most cleansers and moisturizers from the big skin care companies can cost you upwards of $15 the equate products are far cheaper. You can get get the cleanser for anywhere between $3-$5 and the moisturizer for anywhere between $7-$12 depending on where you buy.

I have a link here for the equate Daily Renewal Cleanser but unfortunately I was unable to find the equate Oil-Free Ultra-Gentle Facial Moisturizer online so will most like have to pick that up in-store (you can find it at Walmart).


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